Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Spring 2019


Computer Science

First Major Professor

Simanta Mitra

Second Major Professor

Gurpur Prabhu


Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science


There is a plethora of animation tools described in the computing literature. But, these tools are restricted to a particular domain or they have pre-defined algorithms that they can animate. Some examples include Git with d3, Visualgo, and Loupe etc. Most of these tools use javascript as their main background. They develop a lower level code which eventually gets converted into higher level code which is javascript. An example of this type conversion would be type script. The main goal of this project is to develop a general purpose animation tool, which can be used to animate any general animation such as moving a car, blinking a star but also, support animations that run an internal algorithm such as Git, Data Structures or animating the working of an adder in computer architecture. This project aims at developing a lower level animation script which can be extended to GUI in the future. Here, a lower level svg script is defined. The lower level script is user friendly and makes it easy for developers to adapt to it. The role of this svg script is to draw elements on the SVG element. Once these SVG elements are obtained, the main animation script can be used to animate the SVG elements. The animation script internally maintains a queue to run the animation sequentially. The animation script first goes through a parser, which internally converts the lower level code into higher level code, i.e., javascript. Some experiments were conducted using this tool, and it is seen that this tool supports most of the standard animation features and moreover easy to use, making it a powerful tool.

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Vamsi Krishna Calpakkam

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