Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Spring 2019


Human Development and Family Studies

First Major Professor

Brenda Lohman


Master of Family and Consumer Sciences (MFCS)


Family and Consumer Sciences


The paper reviews core principals of positive youth development and how those principals are evident in the participation of community service for student-athletes specifically football players at Iowa State University. Community service participation not only benefits the student-athlete but also the community and the university. Early in the text, positive youth development is examined and different components regarding positive youth development is discussed. The benefits for the student-athlete are mentioned in two deliverables: A PowerPoint presentation and a 20-word activity. The PowerPoint presentation is developed to address Caregivers and Student-athletes on the importance of community service to their development professionally and personally. The activity developed by using the backward design approach, gives the student-athletes an opportunity to participate in community service with a purpose. It is hope that Caregivers and recruits are educated and informed on how Iowa State University develops it student-athletes professionally and personally.

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Justin Morrow

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