Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Spring 2019


Agricultural Education and Studies

First Major Professor

Nancy Grudens-Schuck


Master of Science (MS)


Agricultural Education


Different forms of education have been a part of prison education systems for many years. Career and Technical Education programs have been utilized by many states and the federal correctional departments in educating prisoners for decades. Providing inmates with CTE programs has long been used to lower recidivism. A new curriculum was introduced to the Horticulture trades programs within the Michigan Department of Corrections beginning in March of 2018. This new curriculum was structured around the Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association’s Certified Green Industry Professional curriculum and the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Certified Pesticide Applicator license materials. These curricula were selected because they provided the opportunity for the student to obtain industry certifications prior to parole or release. However, there was a lack of application of the knowledge and skills learned from these curricula. Using Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning to move the students to higher levels of the hierarchy, this creative component developed four laboratory lessons with paired lesson plans, which featured application, along with higher levels, to fill the void in the curricula. The developed labs included Lawn Installation, Irrigation Controller Programing, Hardscaping, and Flower Garden Design.

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Bradley Dean

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