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Spring 2019


Theses & dissertations (College of Business)

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James A. Davis

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Russell N. Laczniak


Master of Science (MS)


Information Systems


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a piece of legislation that affects all institutions of learning in the United States. Universities and programs run under the banner of universities are exceptionally susceptible to running afoul of FERPA regulations due to the clarity of the regulations and the large teaching and non-teaching staff that they contain. It is therefore important that all staff members who come into contact with student data should be trained in the proper methods of handling, storing and distributing such data according to relevant regulations. In this paper we propose the style of training to be used in conducting FERPA training among Iowa State University staff and the staff of the extra-curricular programs running within the university. We also propose the relevant use of the Kirkpatrick Model for evaluating not just the knowledge acquired but also the effectiveness of the training being done. We believe if these methods are implemented there will be a greater awareness among persons involved in student data management of the best practices for handling such data.

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