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Creative Component

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Spring 2019



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Dr. Andrew W. Lenssen


Master of Science (MS)





Phosphorus (P) is a nutrient needed by plants. Phosphorus is very chemically reactive and will react with calcium and magnesium very readily if the pH is greater than 7.5. This greatly reduces the soluble fraction of phosphorus available for plant uptake and utilization by up to 90%. Economically minable phosphorus sources are finite and the world population is increasing. These two factors create the need for increased efficiency in the use of phosphorus. This study provides an overview of multiple products currently on the market which claim to increase applied phosphorus extractability with emphasis on Titan XC (Bacillus licheniformis). Research was conducted to observe the effect which Titan XC, added with a standard phosphorus treatment of mono-ammonium phosphate (MAP), had on the extractable phosphorus levels of two soils using the Olsen sodium-bicarbonate method over a period of 62 days. These results are compared to an untreated control and a standard phosphorus treatment of mono-ammonium phosphate. Two diverse high pH soils where selected. The Kahlotus location located at 46.64284 -118.54654 which contained excessive sodium and magnesium with no free lime and a low level of extractable phosphorus (5ppm Olsen test). The Burbank location located at 46.09284 -118.85277 had excessive free lime and was high in calcium, with a relatively high level of extractable phosphorus (28 ppm Olsen test) when compared to the Kahlotus site. Both soils were from the Mid Basin area in SE Washington State. The results of the study show that the Titan XC + MAP treatment increased extractability of phosphorus at 62 days compared to the MAP treatment and the control. The greater level of extractable phosphorus from the soil using Bacillus licheniformis has the potential to provide greater extractable phosphorus to plants later in the growing season. This could positively influence plant health and final yield in plant production systems in which phosphorus is limiting.

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