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Creative Component

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Summer 2019


Agricultural Education and Studies

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Scott Smalley


Master of Agriculture (MAg)


Agricultural Education


Conduct of Meetings is a contest that is commonly participated in by freshman or sophomores in high school. It is a contest that is very similar to parliamentary procedure but has very different rules. The problem with this contest is there are not a lot of practice materials available to the teacher trying to coach the team and the students trying to learn. The rules for this contest are not very descriptive and leave a lot of questions if read by a person that does not understand the contest. Throughout my time teaching this contest has been a popular one among my students but something I struggled coaching them in because of the lack of material. By talking with students and teachers, learning the contest, and doing research about the contest I created a conduct of meetings handbook to be used by students and teachers to train and learn from. This handbook includes the contest rules, standards met teaching the contest, how to set the meeting room up, opening/closing ceremonies, scripts of the abilities to be presented, questions that could be asked divided up by general questions and officer specific questions, practice abilities/items of business, and then the answers to those questions. It was set up specifically for the way that the Conduct of Meetings contest flows.

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Williams, Megan

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