Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Summer 2019


Agricultural Education and Studies

First Major Professor

Mark S. Hainline


Master of Science (MS)


Agricultural Education


The purpose of this creative component was to create a handbook for agriculture students and teachers to reference while preparing for the Iowa FFA Conduct of Meetings Leadership CDE Contest at the sub district and district Levels. Many agricultural educators are tasked with training multiple teams and individual students for sub district and district contest, most of these teachers are young, and have recently graduated from college. Often these teachers are not given materials to train teams or individuals. The handbook I created is to serve as a reference guide which provides examples of scripts and oral questions. The handbook is mainly to be used by 9th and 10th grade students enrolled in an agricultural education course, to create a successful Conduct of Meetings team. The material is geared completely toward the Iowa FFA Contest. The handbook includes contest rules, ceremony scripts, skills to demonstrate scripts, and practice questions for participants.

Copyright Owner

Montandon, Cassi

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