Literacy Creative Component

Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Summer 2019


Curriculum and Instruction

First Major Professor

Jeanne Dyches


Master of Education (MEd)




This creative component portfolio reflects the knowledge and skills gained in topics of literacy and literacy education and leadership as a result of completing the Master of Education with an Emphasis in Literacy degree. The International Literacy Association’s (ILA) Standards for Reading Professionals are represented in my collection of artifacts and reflections. The six standards encompass foundational knowledge, curriculum and instruction, assessment and evaluation, literate environment, diversity, and professional learning and leadership. The collection of artifacts and reflections demonstrate knowledge and implementation of the standards in my profession as an educator. Each artifact was completed to demonstrate mastery of knowledge of the associated standard. The artifacts show evidence of the implementation and applied understanding of the ILA’s standards. Corresponding reflections for each artifact express a thorough synthesis of self-evaluation and personal and professional growth in literacy education and leadership.

Copyright Owner

Williams, Susan

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Word, PPT

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