Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Fall 2019


Human Development and Family Studies

First Major Professor

Jennifer Margrett


Master of Family and Consumer Sciences (MFCS)




This case study examines a life plan community to observe behaviors, draw conclusions, and develop recommendations. The case study includes four Gerontology content areas. This includes successful aging (Geron 530), environments (Geron 563), nutrition (Geron 540), and social support and family interactions (Geron 577). Each content area section contains a brief literature review, assessment, findings from the assessment, and recommendations. However, the recommendations will not be provided directly to the facility. Interviews were used to obtain adequate information required for recommendations based on conducting in-depth interviews with staff, specific to departmental areas. Professional assessments and observations were also utilized. During the interviews, staff were asked about their current efforts within each of the content areas, challenges they have experienced thus far in their operation of business, and changes they can make to their practices to reflect a focus on the residents. The case study concludes with a summary and synthesis of the four content areas as well as the implications of the study.

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Aljets, Hannah Belle

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Gerontology Commons