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Creative Component

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Fall 2019


Apparel, Events and Hospitality Management

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Susan Wohlsdorf-Arendt


Master of Science (MS)


Hospitality Management


This paper is an exploration of recent research and relevant literature on people’s perceptions and attitudes towards individuals with disabilities in the service providing industry. It will also look into proper training techniques and accommodations for individuals with disabilities. The research articles vary in results given that some focus on consumers and management perceptions and attitudes in the service providing industry while some articles focus on accommodations and training practices. There is some indication that in the hospitality industry, consumers are more concerned about people with disabilities than any other service providing industry. Furthermore, some researchers found a positive relation between how many employees the operation has and the hiring of individuals with disabilities. Using the social model of disability as a theoretical lens, this paper will explore the impact of negative perceptions of consumers and managers on individuals with disabilities in the workforce. Implications are provided for various stakeholder groups including upper management, supervisors and front-line employees.

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Borzym, Kevin

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