Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Fall 2019


Industrial Design

First Major Professor

Tejas Dhadphale


Master of Industrial Design (MID)


Industrial Design


Research shows that college students become overweight and obese due to poor nutrition and lack of healthy eating choices. These problems can cause serious medical issues and also impact students’ academic performance. The goal of the project is to design a product that will manage meals and balance nutrition for college students.

The research phase of the study included literature reviews, user research, market analysis, and technology feasibility. The literature review included studying state and federal mandates for healthy eating, understanding nutrition-based references for college students, and understanding the barriers for healthy eating. Interviews and surveys were conducted to understand students’ views on healthy eating. Three key themes emerged from user interviews: students lacked knowledge regarding nutrition; lack of time for the primary reason for not eating healthy meals and students lacked access to resources that could provide reasonably priced healthy meal options. Product benchmarking was conducted to compare other products in the market and identify a product opportunity gap. Several technologies were explored including food image recognition, food scanners, nutrition analyzers, tooth implants, and others to explore the technological feasibility of the project. Insights gained from the research lead to design criteria and subsequently aided the ideation and product development phase.

The final product was a mobile app ‘Healthi-E’ that was designed to dynamically manage meals for college students, which is by integrating a central nutritional database, studying eating habits and creating customized meals and encouraging healthy eating behaviors over a longer period. The app provides recipes, searches healthy eating options, provides suggestions for buying healthy groceries and deals and coupons for students.

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