Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Fall 2019



First Major Professor

Dr. William Beavis


Master of Science (MS)


Plant Breeding


The island of Molokai relies mainly on imported foods for the balance of most residents’ diets. This system is neither cost effective nor environmentally responsible, and it could render the entire island helpless in the wake of a natural disaster. Due to the western acculturation of the population’s diets many Molokai residents now face serious health concerns. The high cost of imported fresh produce only adds this issue, causing people to choose cheaper less healthy processed foods. The purpose of this paper would be to identify target crops and breeding methods which would enable the local production of all staple foods for the island of Molokai. Secondary consideration could be given to how this information could be utilized in other regions as they change to gradually warmer or unstable temperatures due to climate change.

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Coombs, Jill

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