Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Fall 2019


Family and Consumer Sciences

First Major Professor

Dr. Tricia Neppl


Master of Family and Consumer Sciences (MFCS)


Youth Development


Within Polk County, Iowa there existed a need for additional 4-H programming in the Des Moines Metro area geared toward middle and high school aged youth. Information was gathered in regards to the barriers this age group experienced which has led to their lack of participation. Through this Creative Component I identified two key barriers, location and cost, and, along with utilizing the Positive Youth Development concepts of belonging and mastery, developed youth programming for this particular group. Once the information was gathered I created 15 hours of relevant curriculum on the topics of STEM, Cooking, and Communication and Interview skills to be delivered to middle and high school youth in Des Moines at no cost.

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Freel, Megan

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