Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Fall 2018


Computer Science

First Major Professor

Shashi Gadia


Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science


Cyclone Database Implementation workbench (CyDIW) is a platform that is used to implement new database prototypes, use command-based external systems (clients) & perform benchmarking. The workbench supports a scripting language custom-designed for performing comprehensive & self-contained benchmarking experiments. In this project, I have identified the flaws in the current design of the CyDIW’s scripting language and made the language more intuitive & easier for users to learn & use. In CyDIW, we have database prototypes such as Enterprise Database (EDB), NC-94(a spatiotemporal database) and other clients For Example Saxon, MySQL, OOXQuery (object-oriented XQuery), Scalc (simple calculator), SPLIT, R- a statistical tool etc. which have their own behavior provided by their APIs. These are interfaced with workbench using adapters. These adapters should tell how a particular client should handle instructions/commands. It has been observed that the adapters were performing parsing of their command which was undesirable and were causing conflicts. I have performed appropriate changes in the existing clients’ adapters to make them coherent & simplified their code. This will help future developers to quickly design adapters for any new client.

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