Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Fall 2019


Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

First Major Professor

Michael A. Perez

Second Major Professor

Chris Rehmann


Master of Science (MS)


Civil Engineering


Erosion and sediment control practices on construction sites provide vital protection for the environment, minimizing the impact from sediment-laden runoff associated with construction activities. Federal, state, and local regulations require regular inspections of erosion and sediment control practices to ensure their performance is adequate. This study developed an innovative approach to stormwater inspections and design guidance by integrating tools and guidance into aerial stormwater inspection outcomes. Aerial inspections were integrated with photogrammetry, geospatial information systems, and deep learning-based object detection applications to assist in performing inspections and develop site plans, hydrologic analyses, practice detection, and soil loss modeling. Orthomosaic views were used for creating site plans and developing object detection data sources. Digital Surface Models (DSMs) were developed as datasets for evaluating the performance of the E&SC practices on site. These surface models were used for running hydrologic analyses and developing soil loss models. The use of DSMs improves stormwater inspections and design approaches since DSMs serve as datasets for evaluating design efficiency with the incorporation of aerial inspection outcomes. Trial inspections were performed at the U.S. highway 30 construction site in Tama County, Iowa. Preliminary results were prepared to demonstrate a comprehensive framework for aerial inspections in future studies. This research introduces aerial inspections as an effective method to streamline inspection procedures. This could be in the form of using fewer inspectors, providing better record keeping, having faster inspection procedures and developing efficient outcomes to evaluate the performance of practices. The study highlights the potential for this technology and developed approaches to be used in the construction industry.

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Kazaz, Billur

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