Deirdre Bachar: Creative component

Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Fall 2018


Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

First Major Professor

Jeanne Dyches


Master of Education (MEd)





This Creative Component Portfolio reflects the knowledge and skills about literacy and literacy leadership I have gained as a result of completing the Master of Education Program with an emphasis in literacy. The International Literacy Association’s Standards for Reading Professionals guided my selection of artifacts and reflections. The six standards encompass foundational knowledge, curriculum, instruction, assessment and evaluation, diversity, literacy and leadership. The artifacts and reflections show knowledge and implementation of these standards in my profession. Each artifact is a project or assignment of completed classwork in the master’s program. These projects were created and implemented in my classroom or in the capacity of literacy coaching leadership. The artifacts shown are evidence of the implementation and applied understanding of the ILA’s Standards for Reading Professional. The reflection pieces of each standard are a thorough synthesis of self evaluation and indicate critical thinking and educational growth. This Creative Component is evidence of my progress and growth in the area of literacy and literacy leadership.

Key Words: Literacy, Curriculum, Leadership, Instruction, Assessment, Evaluation

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Deirdre Bachar

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