Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Fall 2019



First Major Professor

Dr. Bobby J. Martens


Master of Science (MS)


Seed Technology and Business


Technological advancements in seed placement for commodity field production has changed how seed is sold for many types of crops. It is becoming more popular among several seed industries to sell seeds by count rather than by weight. Corn, soybeans, cotton, and sugar beets are all examples of crops that have made a switch from historically being sold by weight to being sold by count. Of most recent, companies are now investigating how this change would impact canola. Unlike corn which has a relatively consistent or predictable seed size, canola tends to have greater variability in seed size. This study evaluates the variability in seed count per harvested volume across multiple canola hybrids and across multiple years for a single canola hybrid. This research collects data and evaluates the cost implications of selling canola based on seed count, given the uncertainty in canola seed size. The research provides an exploratory evaluation in seed size, describes the risk that farmers are currently absorbing by buying canola by weight, and outlines future work needed to be done by seed companies before selling canola by seed count.

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Reed, Christopher J

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