Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Fall 2019


Community and Regional Planning

First Major Professor

Monica Haddad


Master of Science (MS)


Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies


When an influx of green amenities is added to an urban area, it can lead to a process known as “green gentrification”, a form of social inequality in which a neighborhood may become whiter and wealthier, leaving the poorer community members displaced from the “improved neighborhood” where they once lived. While previous work has broadly addressed gentrification in Latin American cities, most studies on green gentrification have specifically focused on the Global North. Previous research has relied on census data to identify patterns. This paper seeks to examine how green gentrification can be explained in the Global South and how it differs from the Global North. Additionally, this answers three research questions that were investigated in two regions: Talca and Santiago, Chile. In Talca, the spatial effects of green gentrification were examined using virtual and in situ observations of the neighborhood surrounding the corridor of Cuatro Norte. Locations were first visited virtually using Google Street View (GSV) and followed by an in situ observation. After the observation in Talca, our study expanded to Santiago, Chile, to further test the GSV method and examine the effects of green gentrification. This comparison offers insights into the use of virtual and in situ observations for identifying green gentrification in the Global South and for the applicability of the virtual observation method in this heterogeneous urban landscape. While GSV has been used to examine the neighborhood contexts in other applications, it has not been applied to the study of green gentrification. Results indicate that GSV provides a promising tool that may facilitate the identification and investigation of the effects of green gentrification in the Global South, broadening the scope and application of this research.

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Sanchez, Melinda

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