Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Fall 2019


Information Systems and Business Analytics

First Major Professor

Anthony M. Townsend

Second Major Professor

Jackie Rees Ulmer


Master of Science (MS)


Information Systems


With the growing popularity of ride-hailing services like Uber in recent years, many industries are looking for opportunities to cooperate with ride-hailing companies. Similarly, ride-hailing platforms are also looking for potential opportunities to cooperate with other service providers or product industries to bring more comprehensive, convenient, and personalized services to their customers. This research is dedicated to studying potential cooperation opportunities between ride-hailing platforms and automotive battery suppliers. There are extensive studies and research focuses on the topic of ride-hailing companies' future growth and direction as well as some studies on the impact of the ride-hailing market. Many articles and data provide valuable information for this research. Through extensive literature reviews as well as primary and secondary research methods, this research provides insights for automotive battery suppliers to develop partnerships with ride-hailing platforms that have merged in shared mobility spaces. Additionally, this research is qualitative research to study potential opportunities between automotive battery manufacturers and ride-hailing operators. The insights gained from this study include: 1) Ride-hailing contributes to totalvehicle mileage traveled (VMT), vehicle utilization and automotive battery replacement; and this study made a projection on the ride-hailing development trend based on two potential factors; 2) For an automotive battery supplier, there is potential opportunity to develop partner relationships with ride-hailing platforms in the near future. This study builds a detailed review of ride-hailing companies' development trends, presents insights for automotive battery suppliers on how to yield a potential partnership opportunity, and indicates further research directions in the area. More studies are needed to understand the relationship between the ride-sharing company and the automotive battery industry better because of the limited sample size and prior research.

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