Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Fall 2019


Agricultural Education and Studies

First Major Professor

Nancy Grudens-Schuck


Master of Science (MS)


Agricultural Education


The origin of food is an important topic for youth to understand. With the shift in livelihoods away from farming, many youth do not fully comprehend the concept of “field-to-table.” Many teachers lack the resources and knowledge to teach their students about this topic. To address this problem, in particular in schools that do not have an agricultural education program, outside agencies such as Extension 4-H could intervene and provide programs that educate youth about agriculture and how it affects their lives. Such programs are often termed “agricultural literacy.” A program presented in the schools by an outside professional, such as from Extension 4-H, could be beneficial to both students and teachers. The program developed herein aims to educate youth about where their food came from, presented a modern view of a farm and farmer, and intends to inspire youth to research careers in agriculture. This creative component used the Iowa State University Extension 4-H Equation to form objectives to foster positive youth development in participants. The 4-H Equation consists of three categories: youth needs, essential elements, and program priorities. These elements combined to produce positive outcomes. The curriculum outlined in this creative component includes a lesson plan for a presentation, a guided discussion, a laboratory activity, and an evaluation.

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Zoern, Allyssa

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