Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Spring 2019


Graphic Design

First Major Professor

Paul Bruski


Master of Arts (MA)


Graphic Design


Violence against women is an ongoing problem throughout the world. Women are preyed on and targeted while doing everyday activities. They are then told to be careful when walking alone or to not dress provocatively because it could cause unwanted attention from passerbys (victim blaming). Why should women be told how to act differently, and act different for fear of being attacked, and definitely should not be targeted based on simple daily choices (such as walking in a parking lot). The goal of this project is to show the problems that women (and others that may be victimized) may face and make people more aware of potential daily struggles. My Creative Component is primarily a campaign that advocates to end violence against women. Through research, I found different stories of women who had been targeted and that fueled me to dig deeper into other campaigns that provide help, comfort, and information to victims. From there, I created my own project entitled “Not Your Prey” that focuses on empowering women and spreading the word about continued violence against them. The project was branded and executed using different applications, social media, and an intervention. My hope is that this campaign empowers women to continue doing what they love, not live in fear, and that others become more aware of the issues they may encounter.

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McCurdy, Samantha

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