Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Fall 2018


Community and Regional Planning

First Major Professor

Tim Borich


Master of Science (MS)


Community and Regional Planning


Property valuation data were analyzed for two supportive campus sites for the same program for single mothers that are performing at different rates with regard to matriculation and graduation. The impact of these campuses on the valuation of neighboring residential properties was found to not have a negative impact. Property values were found to increase at a greater rate than nearby control neighborhoods. This provides an approach that the Jeremiah Program can provide to defuse neighborhood opposition against new campuses. By reducing neighbors’ concerns, the program can increase the number of available sites to consider for development. The program should then adopt a policy of locating new campuses in high-opportunity neighborhoods that promote advancement of its residents by being in a more supportive neighborhood.

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William Bleckwenn

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