Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Spring 2020


Art and Design

First Major Professor

Tejas Dhadphale


Master of Industrial Design (MID)


Industrial Design


The use of smartphones and the areas in which smartphone solutions are provided have increased immensely over the past decade. However, one area which has not been as keen on adopting the smartphone approach is the universities' dining hall area. This study aims to investigate the amenability of users to adapt to this approach and outlines the requirements and desires of such a product. It also presents a solution implemented as a high fidelity prototype. Creating an intuitive interface for a target audience with di˙ering previous experience using smartphones can be very challenging and the choice of structure and contents is not as trivial as it may sound. By conducting extensive research form interviews and observations, we developed a high-fidelity prototype based on an elaborate requirements specification. The results show that the users are, to a great extent, willing to use an application for dining hall related tasks. Together with the prototype, the study provides support for further development of similar applications.

Copyright Owner

Niloofarsadat, Alavi

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