Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Spring 2020



First Major Professor

Charles Kostelnick


Master of Arts (MA)


Rhetoric Composition and Professional Communication


In lieu of a traditional thesis, I have completed a creative component for my graduation requirement from the Rhetoric, Composition, and Professional Communication program. I have a strong interest in graphic design, and I believe my studies in rhetorical design lends itself well to the type of project I have completed. Since I am interested in going into a career that is oriented towards design and communication (instead of applying for teaching positions or Ph.D. programs), this creative component better suits my portfolio I will use when applying for jobs. For my creative component, I have created a visual identity program for Morning Bell Coffee Roasters, a local coffee shop in downtown Ames. In addition, I have created both print and electronic material for the Morning Bell, including a menu redesign, a redesign of their New Employee Handbook, a business card, a “thank you” card for shipped orders, and two website prototypes. This report documents my design experience, process, and assessment.

Copyright Owner

Boyd, Emily

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