Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Spring 2020


Agricultural Education and Studies

First Major Professor

Scott W. Smalley

Second Major Professor

Robert A. Martin


Master of Science (MS)


Agricultural Education


This project explores the intersection of agricultural education and teaching foreign languages in American elementary schools. The project was created to address the need to expose young children to the benefits of agriculture and foreign languages, which would potentially develop into a global career option, as agriculture is projected to become a sustainable industry in the 21st century job market. Furthermore, elementary students would benefit from learning about agriculture through foreign language education due to the large Spanish-speaking population that works in the agriculture industry in the United States. Elementary students from English-speaking households will gain a cultural perspective and understanding of their Spanish-speaking classmates whose family has a connection to agriculture.

The project consists of a unit plan that can be utilized by teachers to facilitate the intersection of the Agricultural Education and Foreign Language Education process. The unit plan has been broken down into five sections that consist of farm animals, fruits, vegetables, farm equipment, and a farm field trip. Each section consists of individual lessons with stated learning objectives and outcomes, as well as formative and summative assessments to monitor student progress.

The project concludes by analyzing potential outcomes for students and teachers, as well as offering additional recommendations for students in middle school. Additional resources for agricultural education and foreign language education will be included, as well.

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Floyd, Kori

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