Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Spring 2018


Computer Science

First Major Professor

Anuj Sharma

Second Major Professor

Samik Basu


Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science


Road work zones cause more than ten percent of congestion and are the main reason for nonrecurring congestion on freeways. The existing notification system at Iowa work zones was less efficient with handling the fluctuating and short duration messages. In this report, we explain the software developed to send reliable congestion alerts using the real-time traffic data.

The system is implemented to consume the Wavetronix sensor data for every twenty seconds and identifies the traffic congestion state in three predefined formats, such as ”Stop traffic ahead, ”Slow traffic ahead” and ”No congestion.” Whenever severe traffic congestion persists more than the threshold time, we immediately notify the district traffic engineers with multimedia text alerts. The text alert content along with the live camera snapshot would help the traffic engineers to analyze the situation and make better and quick responses. In addition to the text alerts, we also provide a data API that gives the real-time work zone bottlenecks. The software was developed to completely platform agnostic and tested and deployed on Microsoft Azure.

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Vamsi Krishna Jagarlamudi

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