Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Spring 2020


Theses & dissertations (Interdisciplinary)

First Major Professor

Laura Witzling


Master of Science (MS)


Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, Journalism and Mass Communication


This creative component project was created and implemented to build awareness around Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS). FCS courses in our middle schools and high schools have declined over the past two decades. To address this problem, this project explored using a public service announcement (PSA) and online toolkit to promote FCS. The strategy for the PSA drew on cognitive dissonance theory and the extended parallel process model. Additionally, this project considered how key standards, such as production quality, simplicity, and message length are all important factors to the credibility of a campaign. Feedback from students, parents, teachers and FCS professionals was incorporated. The resulting materials include a 60 second television PSA (English and Spanish version), a 60 second radio PSA (English and Spanish version), and an online toolkit with content such as sample curriculum, tips for talking to school administrators, the television and radio

Copyright Owner

Sharon Johnson Hernandez

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