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Creative Component

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Fall 2018


Agricultural Education and Studies

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Dr. Robert A. Martin


Master of Science (MS)


Agricultural Education


As technology continues to improve, the changes that we see in our everyday lives are infinite. Education is among the things that are affected by ever-changing technology. One of the changes that technology has created in field of education is the increasing demand for distance learning. The traditional classroom learning style is no longer the only way an individual can gain knowledge. Students can now take general education classes and even complete entire degrees sitting in the comfort of their own home many miles from the institution through which those degrees will be completed. Implementing a successful distance learning program is essential to becoming a successful institution in the 21st century (White and Bridwell, 2007). Not only is this due to the increased student demand for distance education but also due to research in the field of education stating that traditional styles of learning may not be the best.

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Terry Coleman

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