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Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Spring 2020


Industrial Design

First Major Professor

Ana Mafalda Luz

Second Major Professor

Dr. Seda McKilligan


Master of Industrial Design (MID)


Industrial Design


Women are constantly fighting the cultural norms and stereotypes that surround us. There are many inspirational books, ted talks, self-help templates, and organizations for women empowerment, but how are we solving their everyday problems? Well, it starts with understanding the problem at its source. We want to take the time to listen to their needs.

Cards for Women is a product that also empowers women but by providing a safe yet open space to share our struggles, or as we call them, pain points, to then co-create solutions or strategies for them. We provide a platform for women to anonymously share their vulnerable experiences, one card at a time. This idea started as a workshop where we received over 75 hand-written cards within 24 hours. With months of market research, interviews, sales pitches, and in response to the growing interest, we decided to build a digital platform that’s accessible to all.

Our intention is not to offer financial services, rather to create an online community. Currently, we have lined up potential organizations that wish to push DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND INCLUSION in their company culture using our resources.

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Krishnan, Priyankaa

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