Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Spring 2020



First Major Professor

Tammy Slater


Master of Arts (MA)


Teaching English as a Second Language/Applied Linguistics


While the Japanese education system has placed an emphasis on having students understanding the language used in texts to prepare them for passing written university entrance exams, Japanese learners struggle with using language orally. As a result, Japanese learners are hesitant to speak English in both formal and informal contexts due to a strong fear of making a mistake, creating disruption in the classroom, and losing face. This has thus led to teachers encountering a Japanese “silence,” which then creates challenges and frustrations in the language learning classroom. Using several theories and frameworks that include content-based language learning (CBLL), project-based language learning (PBLL), and Mohan’s Knowledge Framework (1986), as well as Beckett and Slater’s Project Framework (2005) and Slater and Beckett’s revised Project Framework (2019), this project offers a unit plan designed to teach students public speaking skills that aim not only to hone their existing skills but also to develop language and their ability to use language orally.

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Schmeisser, Tamara

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