Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Fall 2018


Computer Science

First Major Professor

Dr. Simanta MItra

Second Major Professor

Dr. Gurpur Prabhu


Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science


This project is an effort to automate the generation of software applications including a serverside and a client-side component. App description language is a simple JSON based language, following a structured organization and template, where the desired features of the application can be described. The application parses the input spec and creates the required files in a structured directory and initial set-up files using a templating language Mustache and advanced File processing and String Manipulation in Java. The server-side code is generated in SpringBoot as it is the most advanced, powerful and robust framework available for Java in the market. The client-side code is generated using HTML and JavaScript, and it is connected to server-side using XMLHttp requests. With the generated output codebase, users with little or no programming experience can create software applications, as per their need, and developers requiring advanced logic and performance metrics, can get a boiler-plate codebase with a very good starting point, saving a huge amount of time

Copyright Owner

Tanmay Kumar Ghosh

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