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Creative Component

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Summer 2020



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Dr. Daren Mueller

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Dr. Ken Moore


Master of Science (MS)




Scouting efforts by farmers, field agronomists and crop advisors diagnose field issues experienced throughout a growing season. Modern crop scouting tools include the use of mobile scouting applications (apps) on smartphones or tablets. These apps allow scouts to document observations while viewing issues within a field. Throughout the 2014 to 2018 growing seasons, over 1,000 scouting notes were recorded and summarized using Pioneer’s Encirca® View mobile scouting app, primarily documenting issues in corn and soybean fields in central Iowa. This summary of field scouting notes shows the frequency of various field issues, correlates data to certain weather patterns, and evaluates the use of a mobile scouting app. Weather-related stresses and diseases were the most commonly documented agronomic issues. The most common disease issues, northern corn leaf blight and gray leaf spot, followed expected temperature and precipitation trends. Ultimately mobile scouting apps provide value to both the crop scout and the farmer in terms of convenience and efficiency. However, the mobile app needs to be used consistently throughout the full growing season to optimize value with future use.

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