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Creative Component

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Fall 2020


Political Science

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James M. McCormick


Master of Arts (MA)


Political Science



This research investigates the European Union's (EU) double standards towards Israel's treatment of the Palestinian people when compared to other countries, and whether those double standards are to the benefit or detriment of Israel. As Israel claims that the EU uses a double standard in its relationship with Israel against its interest, this research provides some evidence against this claim. The major participants in this research are the United Nations, EU, Israel, and the Palestinian Authority. Used within this research are news and journal articles, books, and direct quotations from leaders of multiple governments, governmental organizations, and governmental institutions to defend the arguments made. The continuous strong relationship between the EU and Israel is used in this research. This research concludes that the EU does not punish Israel despite Israel breaking international law in its treatment of Palestinian people, nor deny it the benefits the European Union offers. This work can be used towards deeper research into the Israeli-European Union disagreement and in creating policies to prevent future double standards from happening.

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