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Creative Component

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Fall 2018


Biomedical Sciences

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Johnathan Mochel


Master of Science (MS)


Biomedical Sciences


Mastitis is a growing problem that is occurring with cattle in the United States, and it is primarily a debilitating problem for the dairy industry. As the demand for these products grows, the number of large herd sizes has been increasing. It is a very debilitating disease that causes inflammation of the mammary tissue that can cause permanent damage to the animal and cause it to become unproductive. This disease can be spread through cross-contamination of milking equipment because of its bacterial origin, wreaking havoc throughout a herd quickly. A common antibiotic for the treatment of this disease is Ceftiofur. It is revered for being a safe antibiotic that minimizes withdrawal time and leaves no milk residue, therefore reducing milk waste. Recently, society has become more aware of agricultural practices, and antibiotic residues in animal products are becoming a hot topic across many social groups. Studies are being done to look deeper into the issue and look at differences between the pharmacokinetics of a diseased animal when compared to a healthy one.

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