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Creative Component

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Fall 2020



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Anthony A. Mahama

Second Major Professor

Thomas Lubberstedt


Master of Science (MS)


Plant Breeding


Concerns over pesticide usage and the desire to build the soil creating a sustainable farming environment grew the organic farming movement. As the organic industry developed, organizations formed to provide oversight, standards, and regulations. The organic farming industry has continued to grow and does not appear to be slowing down. The consumption of organic foods is increasing as well as the number of hectares of organic production. With this expansion, the industry has recognized the need for plant breeding programs to produce plant varieties with traits to survive and thrive under low-input conditions as well compete with weeds and not succumb to the stress of insects and diseases. Several different plant breeding approaches are being used to produce new varieties better suited for organic systems. As new varieties are developed, another hurdle in seed production has been realized. Production of quality organic seed in quantities that facilitate large scale production will keep the industry moving forward and help meet the demands of consumers.

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