Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Fall 2020


Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Major Professor

Dr. Doug Jacobson


Master of Science (MS)


Computer Engineering, Information Assurance


Effective technical training within an IT department, designed to meet the operational needs of a corporation, is necessary for proper network management and sustainment. Even if technicians are hired based on stringent training pre-requisites, technology changes at a rate that demands continual training. A successful IT training curriculum relies on three elements: defined learning objectives and requirements, experienced instructors who are skilled at teaching, and a hands-on learning environment. Throughout this creative component, we will examine a large corporation, which we will refer to as, “Corporation Alpha,” that initially lacked an effective training program for its IT Department. Its lack of relevant training led to increased technician errors, unnecessary delays in between problem identification and resolution, and overall negative levels of productivity and satisfaction from employees who utilized Corporation Alpha’s network infrastructure. We will further examine the process involved in resolving the training deficit of Corporation Alpha's IT Department.

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