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Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Fall 2020


Agricultural Education and Studies

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Dr. Scott Smalley


Master of Science (MS)


Agricultural Education


Very few equine marketing programs exist today. This program is designed to provide in-depth ideas and plans for marketing both equine and equine businesses. The material learned in this course will provide benefit to a wide variety of equine business people who want to improve their marketing plans and skills. This program is designed to be a four-week program, three hours each session, for a total of twelve hours of education. The modules will balance marketing equines and marketing equine businesses to ensure that there is beneficial information for all participants no matter what their specific goals are.

There are several goals for the audience of this program. This program will equip individuals with tools to find more profitability from their equine business. It will provide equine business owners with resources to improve how they market their horses and equine business and connect equine people with other horse owners for networking. Upon completion of the program, participants should be able to locate multiple avenues for their horses and/or business after the completion of the modules, design and write advertisements for their horses and business after completion of the modules, take eye-catching photos of their horses and business upon completion of module 4 and recognize how successful marketing can increase profitability for their business upon completion of the modules.

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