Taj R. Lyve

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Creative Component

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Fall 2020



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Ji Yeong I


Master of Education (MEd)




Constructing lesson plans for middle school teachers focusing on social justice will lay the groundwork for the future textbook. The lesson plans will show students of color the power that mathematics has and its value in the world around them with hope to increase the interest of students of color in mathematics. In particular, the focus of this unit plan will be on seventh grade probability and statistics. Instead of using the generic examples that are given, the lessons in the proposed unit plan will focus on topics such as the police shooting incident rates with racial groups. The theoretical backgrounds for this project include many important theories such as ethnomathematics, rehumanization, culturally relevant pedagogy, and culturally sustaining pedagogy. For this project, I am utilizing Reading and Writing the World with Mathematics (RWWM) as the main framework. RWWM can be used for mathematics education research with various social groups with explicit discrimination that could deal with race; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender/transsexual, and queer/questioning (LGBTQ) issues; and other such differences. Based on the investigations of the discriminatory actions, I utilize mathematics to validate the claim I want to make through this project. Finally, I believe teachers can make connections of mathematics in the students’ lives and communities by using the RWWM framework in their mathematics lessons. RWWM will be used in the final lesson designed with the context of police shootings. In the lesson, students will examine police shootings by race and then will be asked to debate a position using the data and previous lessons. There has been little research on this topic in the mathematics education field.

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