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Spring 2021


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Doug Jacobson


Master of Science (MS)


Computer Engineering


Splunk is a powerful software that indexes, manages, and enables people to search data from any application, server, or network device in real-time. The information assurance department at Iowa State University offers several cybersecurity courses to both undergraduate and graduate students. Those courses often require some type of remote access to school servers to complete course labs. Integrating Splunk into Cybersecurity courses would help to manage and monitor machine data from multiple servers and improve both students and faculty experience across all systems used. Moreover, it would help students learn how to detect security risks and network abuse, and to use Splunk Enterprise for statistical purposes. This project is the second step towards integrating Splunk into cybersecurity courses. Successful implementation of a virtual network was used to test if a keyhole (proxy server) can be used as a relay forwarder between a Splunk Enterprise who has a public IP address and the forwarders who have private IP addresses. At the end of this project, it has been proved that Splunk can be integrated into the courses to improve the students and faculty experience. Recommendations for future improvements have been listed

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