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Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Spring 2021


Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

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Dr. Thomas Brumm


Master of Science (MS)


Industrial and Agricultural Technology


With the global population expected to increase to 9.8 billion in 2050, we have to look to more waste management due to the inherent increase in organic was comprising fecal matter and food waste (an issue we are currently facing). To sustain the increased population, we are projected to require a 60% increase in protein production. However, in order to accomplish this, we will have to redirect more resources to the feed industry. In regard to the feed industry, they are facing pressure to use more sustainable feed. The BSF prepupae has been shown to consume a wide variety of waste products including animal manure, human fecal matter, rotting fruits and vegetables and converting themselves into high protein and lipid feed stuff. The cultivation of the fly requires specific conditions to established and maintain a fly colony effectively. This paper focuses on the culmination of information and conditions needed to breed and cultivate the fly from egg to adult, provides a proposed physical pilot system to breed fly as well as expected observations during the production process.

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