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Creative Component

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Spring 2021


Agricultural Education and Studies

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Dr. Scott Smalley


Master of Education (MEd)


Agricultural Education


The Horticultural Lesson Plans for a School Based Agricultural Classroom is a set of lesson plants to be taught at the secondary level and involves four major units. These units include Plant Anatomy, Plant Identification, Plant Propagation, and Greenhouse Management. These units have been broken down into individual lessons for each area. The lesson plans start with plant anatomy to give the students a basic platform to build on for their understanding of future topics. Understanding the basics of plant morphology will help form a better understanding of plant identification. Learning structures of plants through identification and anatomy lessons will aid students in understanding how plant features affect techniques of propagation. The greenhouse will be utilized for propagation labs, which will allow students to have a basic understanding of the workings of a greenhouse before the unit on managing a greenhouse. The lessons are comprised of lectures, laboratories, and discussions to allow students to be engaged in all aspects of the learning process.

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