Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Spring 2021


Information Systems and Business Analytics

First Major Professor

Dr. Anthony Townsend


Master of Science (MS)


Information Systems


With the increasing Social Media presence, people share thoughts and reviews on the Internet of their experiences with food, places, brands, travel, or any services, which has made the Internet a place full of relevant and irrelevant information. Therefore, it is impossible for businesses to manually keep track of every customer feedback present on the Internet. Sentiment Analysis is one such panacea to this problem. When it comes to sentiment analysis, the preferable platform is Twitter, allowing the extraction of public opinions and performing any possible analysis. My research is about understanding the people’s sentiments for popular airlines Delta, American, Southwest, and United Airlines with similar intentions. The study aims to provide decision support for the customer to select the best fit Airlines and for the business to understand the customer feelings, analyzing their feedback, and maneuver to improve customer experience. The comprehensive study of Airline reviews with Aspect based sentiment analysis techniques extracts the top five aspects and classifies the views positive or negative for each Aspect. The relative evaluation of the four Airlines gives an overall perspective about each of them's strengths and weaknesses and the unexpected discovery of business improvement opinions.

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Jain Kavita

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