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Creative Component

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Spring 2021


Information Systems and Business Analytics

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Anthony Townsend


Master of Science (MS)


Information Systems


Human Resources Information Technology, also known as HRIS, is a version or form of software used by the human resources (HR) department for managing employees’ data and all human resources operations in an organization. HRIS allows all operation workflow and processes to happen electronically. The primary purpose of HRIS is to combine payroll, management, accounting function, and human resources into one system rather than using multiple mainframe systems for human resources, payroll needs. HRIS is now much different than what it was in the past. The following content will discuss the implementation of technology to assist the Human Resources department in daily operation. We are going to discuss the positives and negatives of HRIS and compare HRIS systems using today versus the traditional method we have been operating in the past.


The case study in this paper is from SHRM.

Bartlett, J. E., & Bartlett, M. E. 2008. Society for Human Resource Management. Integrating a Human Resource Information System: A Module with Case. SHRM Academic Initiatives

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