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Creative Component

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Spring 2021


Biomedical Sciences

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Michael Lyons

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Heather Greenlee


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Biomedical Sciences


The hip joint is pivotal for the basis of movement of the lower extremities. However, with increased movement often comes increased risk for injury. One of the most common injuries seen within the hip joint is damage to the acetabular labrum. There are various hip abnormalities that can attribute to these pathologies, but as knowledge of the labrum advances, these pathologies are becoming more commonly seen in athletes who have and isolated traumatic event or repetitive microtraumas to the hip joint seen in movements such as excessive pivoting and hyperextension of the hip. While the pain alone from a labral tear is enough for an individual to seek treatment, labral pathologies that are left untreated are also believed to contribute to the progression of early onset osteoarthritis of the hip joint. As labral pathologies are becoming more abundant in the world of sports medicine, the interventions also continue to evolve to better treat the pathologies.

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