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Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Spring 2021


Theses & dissertations (College of Business)

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Dr. Anthony Townsend


Master of Science (MS)


Information Systems


The purpose of this study was to observe and analyze consumer behaviors and purchasing patterns. Black Friday is the biggest holiday shopping season in the United States as an excellent opportunity for retailers to increase their sales. Through the years, this practice is extending to other countries in the world. Although globally widespread, there has been a lack of research attention to consumers' attitudes toward and behaviors during Black Friday. Therefore, the study's purpose was to study Greek consumers' behaviors, attitudes, and intentions towards Black Friday.

Moreover, this research's objective was to understand differences between shoppers on Black Friday and non-shoppers and suggest how retailers can harness these marketing differences. The online survey research method used, and data gathered from consumers. The study results show that there is a vast switch in the shopping methods during Black Friday practice. Moreover, the findings show that only 1/3 of consumers participate in in-store Black Friday sales, and the rest are shifting to online sales. Finally, purchasing patterns, as well as future consumer intentions, are presented.

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