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Creative Component

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Spring 2021


Computer Science

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Oliver Eulenstein


Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science


Influenza A viruses (IAV) in swine constitute a major economic burden to an important global agricultural sector, impacts food security, and is a public health threat. Despite significant improvement in surveillance for IAV in swine over the past 10 years, sequence data have not been integrated into a systematic vaccine strain selection process for predicting antigenic phenotype and identifying determinants of antigenic drift. We propose a novel pipeline that incorporates both the genetic sequence and the antigenic data of the hemagglutinin protein, identifies immune epitopes within the protein, and creates a multi-layered network that allows inference of antigenic drift. This method can be applied to identify new IAV strains that have distinct epitopes, and determine which IAV strains are central within the multi-layer network that explain observed diversity, and aid in the selection of robust candidates for multi-valent IAV vaccines. Our method on a smaller test dataset was able to give us an interesting cluster formation between different graph layers that can help understand results from different epitopes. Also, by increasing dataset sizes, we noticed the evolution of the H1 HA US gamma clade into multiple sub clades than can be used to programmatically interpret antigenic drift.

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