Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Summer 2021


Graphic Design

First Major Professor

Taekyeom Lee


Master of Arts (MA)


Graphic Design


Branding is a powerful tool that is used by small businesses to connect emotionally with customers and to create lifelong relationships. The way a brand is looked at determines its success overtime. Pop-up stores have the ability to bring awareness of companies to current and new customers. It is a way to give an audience a unique and personalized experience while shopping.

The goal of this project is to accomplish a new brand identity for a small business and apply the brand to a pop-up shop setting. Through literature review, graphic design, retail design and rebranding, a new identity has been created to represent a small business brand and build awareness to the target audience. The brand identity has been applied to a pop-up shop to generate impact and create a brand extension. The goal of a pop-sup shop is to bring brand awareness to current and new customers and to be temporary which results in a short-term commitment. These short-term stores can give the intended audience a unique and personalized experience. They can also be open in one location and for a limited time, from a few days to a year (Ann Marie Fiore, 2007).


Specialization: Environmental Graphic Design

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Gonzalez, Erendira

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