Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Summer 2021


Information Systems and Business Analytics

First Major Professor

Anthony Townsend


Master of Science (MS)


Information Systems


Digitalization is a term that is gaining more popularity. The reason is businesses are starting to use digital technologies to change a business model to provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities for their companies. The future of several industries depends on how well they will be able to handle this digital transformation that will be taking place in the coming years. To successfully transition into the digitalized world, companies will be needing digital leaders. This creative component intends to answer the research question of “why digital leadership is important in the era of digitalization.” I have focused on providing qualitative research on the subject through a literature review to support the thesis of this creative component. The research provided an overview of what digitalization is, what digital leadership is, why digital leadership is important in current times and for the future, what it means to be a digital leader, and why digital leadership is highly required during the era of digitalization.

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Kapure, Dhwani

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