Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Summer 2021


Agricultural Education and Studies

First Major Professor

Nancy Grudens-Schuck

Second Major Professor

Shuyang Qu

Third Major Professor

Peggy A. Auwerda


Master of Science (MS)


Agricultural Education


Current 4-H curriculum is often outdated and may not serve contemporary needs of older teen members. Some of the identified needs of teen members are advanced knowledge acquisition, career readiness, and holding leadership roles. The purpose of this creative component is to offer teen equine 4-H members a curriculum that challenges them in the identified areas and offers them a reason to remain with the 4-H program until age 18, the age at which the main 4-H programming ends. The Beyond the Corral curriculum developed as a result of this creative component provides eight activities, four of which focus on advanced or college-level equine knowledge acquisition and four that provide opportunities for career readiness, leadership skills, and well-being outcomes connected to thriving. Youth will spend time researching scientific topics, shadowing equine industry professionals, and sharing what they have learned with younger 4-H members and equine enthusiasts. The project is meant to be completed over the course of two years and the member will enlist a project mentor who will offer guidance and assistance on project activities. The unpublished curriculum is in the format of a 4-H recordkeeping book, but in a format flexible for digital print production. This project utilizes the 4-H Life Skills model, experiential learning theory and the Youth Thriving model, which utilizes youth sparks and the principles of positive youth development to help youth thrive. The thriving model states that developmental outcomes occur as a result of connections with others, contributions, personal standards and responsibility, positive academic attitude and social competence, and that these lead to the long-term outcomes of academic success, civic engagement, employability, and happiness and wellbeing.

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