Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Summer 2021



First Major Professor

Tammy Slater


Master of Arts (MA)


Teaching English as a Second Language/Applied Linguistics


Despite significant achievements in second language (L2) acquisition research, the field of second language acquisition (SLA) is yet to provide a general, uncontested metatheory consolidating the efforts of competing models and approaches to L2 learning. As the understanding of the complexity of the learning process continues to mature, so do society, learner environments, and the educational resources potential for knowledge and meaning conceptualization, communication, distribution, and interpretation. While a rapid proliferation and repurposing of digital tools dynamically changes education ecologies, computer–human interaction developments seem to hinder SLA digital adaptation, thus precluding an informed teachers’ use of technology. The gap at the theory level, limitations stemming from computerization, and the need for pedagogical technology applications that span diverse aspects of learning have yet to be addressed holistically, thus calling for new and dedicated, theory– practice interfaces.

This creative component responds to that need by incorporating the Knowledge Framework (KF), a pedagogical heuristic, and adapting various SLA perspectives to repurpose emerging multimodal virtual reality (VR) means to devise a tool of diversified affordances operationalized as an L2 teaching and learning aid, projecting it for testing, reevaluation, and application.


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